RallySport Mag Interview: Guy Tyler

Published by rallysportmag.com.au on 23rd February 2016
2015 South Australian Rally Champions Guy Tyler and Steve Fisher head to the UK this week to prepare for the opening round of the 2016 DMACK British Junior Rally Championship. The pair will be competing for Major Motorsport after the team recognised Tyler’s potential at a recent test day in the UK. RallySport Mag caught up with Tyler to find out what is in store for the duo ahead of their five rally campaign in Britain.

RSM: You’ve come a long way from competing in your first event as a 16 year old to entering the British Junior Rally Championship at 25. How did your interest in rallying start?

GT: Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a racing driver of some sort, and growing up on a farm driving cars/tractors meant I learnt driving skills at an early age. The Southern Districts Car Club are the people to blame for my involvement in rallying, though.

Back in 2006 I participated in the Club’s Junior Development Program, (which is still going) held at their old track, “Lanac Park” near my farm in Mt Compass. Although I already had the driving skills, this program really helped introduce me into the world of club level motorsport.

From there I went onto competing at Lanac Park for several years until I had enough money and knowledge to enter the 2009 Robertstown Rally and the rest is history.

How many rallies have you done so far?

I have participated in 29 rallies in seven years of competing all around Australia. This includes doing Coffs Harbour four times which is my favourite rally. The only places I haven’t competed are WA and Tasmania.

What’s been your most satisfying result?

Winning the 2015 South Australian Rally Championship is definitely the highlight of my career so far. After several years of disappointment rallying the Clio, (including four or five DNF’s in 2014) all we wanted to do was finish an event. So when we won the ASP Southern Rally at the start year I was literally in tears, as was my dad Chris who had supported me through all those hard years and it was a huge motivation to push forward and aim for higher things.

With your plan to do five out of the seven BJRC events this season, will you and Steve base yourselves in the UK or will you travel back to Australia between events?

Steve will be flying in and out as he has a good job back here and is too old to easily get a working visa. My girlfriend Evangeline and I will be moving over to the UK and have both got jobs with Major Motorsport. Evangeline has incredible event planning and social media skills that the team want to take advantage of and I will be helping out on the mechanical/logistics side of things as well as possibly working for some of the rally schools over there. We will also be helping the team out at the two Irish events we aren’t competing at and that will help us gain more experience of rallying at this level.

The first round of the season is on March 5 and 6. What preparation will you be doing before the event?

The only preparation I have been able to do so far has been to watch as much in car video as possible of people racing Fiesta R2’s and also of the iconic Mid Wales Stages Rally. We will be arriving a week early for the rally, so I will be able to spend a few days finishing off the prep of the Fiesta and learning the mechanical side of the car as well. Steve and I will try and do some reconnaissance practice to remind ourselves how to write pace notes, but it’s like hopping on a bike really and I think we will be able to hit the ground running on all fronts and adapt really quickly.

Have you had a chance to drive the Fiesta in which you’ll be competing yet, and if so, how did you find it compared to the Lancer you drove to win last year’s South Australian Rally Championship?

Well, I haven’t even seen the car yet! But we will be doing a short test at Sweet Lamb on the Thursday prior to the Mid Wales Stages. Although there is a lot to get used to in such a short amount of time, especially left hand drive, I’m confident that I will be able to adapt very quickly as I have in the past.

So in comparison to the Lancer, I know that the Fiesta won’t have the same overall speed, but it will definitely be the best prepared car I’ve ever driven, and I love front wheel drive rally cars, so I’m sure it will be blast.

The BRC is a combination of gravel and tarmac events. Have you had any experience on tarmac events before?

Not a lot to be honest. I competed in the Adelaide Hills tarmac rally in 2010 and 2011, which were brilliant rallies, but I’m sure it will be like nothing like there is in the UK with all the small laneways etc.

What are you hoping to achieve this season?

My main goal this season is to win the British Junior Rally Championship. Due to the age restrictions this is the final year in which I can contest the series, and we are literally giving it everything we’ve got. Further to this I really am looking forward to all the new friends and connections we will make, and the stories that I will be able to tell in years to come.

And what’s your ultimate goal in rallying?

I wish to become a role model and an inspiration for people everywhere to chase their dreams no matter what the obstacles.

Then of course I want to win the World Rally Championship.

I also would also like to become an advocate for road safety, and to help improve driving standards and conduct all over the world.

Guy and Steve have set up a crowd funding page to raise funds to go towards their DMACK British Rally Championship campaign. If you would like to give them your support, you can do so on this link.

SA Young Gun Steps Up To BRC

IMG_5243 reduced

published on rally.com
February 18th 2016

South Australian dairy farmer Guy Tyler and his navigator, Steve Fisher, will be competing in the DMACK Junior British Rally Championship in 2016.

​Guy, aged 25 from Mt Compass, began racing whilst on his L’s at the Southern Districts Car Club near his home farm. ​His skills where instantly recognised and he has gone on to compete in the South Australian Rally Championships and the Australian Rally Championships, recording many wins along the way.

​His dream has always been to compete in the World Rally Championship, and although he has gone through several hard years competing in Australia with cars that have been unreliable, he has pushed through and never given up. His luck started to change in 2015 when he purchased a Mitsubishi Evo V. The purchase provided immediate results with him and his navigator, Steve Fisher, winning all three rounds of the South Australian Rally Championship and the state title.

Shortly after this exciting win Guy discovered a driver vacancy posted on Facebook with the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team to compete in the Junior British Rally Championship in 2016. To stand out from the 100’s of applicants he put together a short video to highlight his capabilities. Guy was eventually shortlisted for the position and invited to attend a test drive and an interview with the team in England, along with 6 other applicants. Being shortlisted for such a prestigious position was an achievement in itself but unfortunately he was unsuccessful due to the funds required from the drivers to support the team.

Regardless, the team behind the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team, Major Motorsport, took a shine to Guys ability to adapt, his skills and passion for the sport, offering him an alternative, a drive in a Ford Fiesta R2.

“During the interview and test drive I got to know the other applicants really well and once I knew how good the rallying is and how pumped up the championship is, there’s no way I could go home and keep doing the same old stuff. I can’t wait to race against my new mates and really test my skills.” – Guy Tyler

Since then Guy has been working tirelessly with his navigator, Steve Fisher, from Salisbury, to ensure they have the funds needed to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity. The pair will be competing in 5 rounds of the 7 round British Rally Championship, as this is all that counts towards points for the Junior title.

“I’m not the only Australian that will be competing but I am the only South Australian and I am really stoked to be able to represent our beautiful part of the world. You see in the press how popular Adelaide is becoming and it’ll be great to promote the area.” – Tyler

This will be the first time Guy has competed in a left hand drive R2 car but with this being his last opportunity to compete in the DMACK Junior British Rally Championship due to the age restrictions he’s bound to make the most of it.

“I can’t wait to get into what is going to be the best car I have ever driven so far in my career so far. There are a whopping fourteen entries for the first round in all the same class of car which I’m sure will provide amazing competition and will be like nothing I’ve ever experienced before” – Tyler

Together the pair have raised all but $13,000 needed to cover the cost of running in the DMACK British Junior Rally Championship. They have created a crowdfunding campaign hoping that the Australian public will rally behind them.

The first round of the DMACK British Junior Rally Championship is in Wales and begins on the 5th of March.

Guy advocates for road safety and encourages teenagers test their skills on the track, not on public roads. He also wishes to be a role model and inspiration for people everywhere to chase their dreams no matter how hard it may be.

Guy Tyler to represent the state for Junior British Rally Championships in 2016.

Published by The Times, written by Emmalie Balnaves-Gale on February 24th 2016.


Guy Tyler and Evangeline Mcallan with Guy’s first car, the 1985 Corolla, on his dairy farm in Mount Compass.


MOUNT COMPASS – Guy Tyler, from Mount Compass, has sold his most prized assets to fund his opportunity to represent South Australia in the Junior British Rally Championships 2016.

The ex-dairy farmer has been racing towards this competition for 10 years, since he first began driving his 1985 Corolla across his family’s farm on his learner’s permit.

Guy first raced officially at 16 on the outskirts of Mount Compass in a junior development program at the Southern Districts Car Club.

The 25-year-old motorsport star and his navigator, Steve Fisher, will be the sole racers to represent the state in five rounds of the Rally Championships across the United Kingdom throughout the year.

The racing duo have dominated their way through South Australian and Australian Rally Championships over the years and are ready to take on the world.

“We’ve put in a lot of hard work over the past 10 years to get there so it would mean everything to me to compete,” Guy said.

In 2015, Guy was shortlisted for a spot on the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team but was unsuccessful without the funds he needed to provide to support the team.

The Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team accredited Guy’s abilities with an alternative opportunity to drive a Ford Fiesta R2 for the Championships.

The Championships are split into seven rounds and Guy will compete in all but two with my most expensive buy-ins.

Guy and Steve will head to Wales on March 5 and 6 for the first round, then England for the Pirelli Carlisce Rally on April 30, before the Scottish Rally in Scotland on June 25 and the Nicky Grist Stages in Wales on July 9 and 10.

Guy is most eager to experience his finaly rally for the tournament at Isle of Man on September 15 to 17.​

This Saturday, February 27, Guy and his girlfriend Evangeline will move to Oxford, England to live until October this year.

During their stay, the pair will work for Major Motor Sport to pay their way across the country as Guy races through the rounds.

Guy described his passion for motorsport that is driving him towards representing South Australia.

“I love rallying for the thrill it gives me, the adrenaline rush and the atmosphere, and I love all the places the sport takes you to,” he said.

This time, Guy and Steve are determined to ensure funding does not stop them from making their way across the world.

Both men said they are willing to sacrifice for the chance to compete.

“I’ve sold my rally car that I won the state title with last year, as well as my Ute and both Steve and I have borrowed money but we still have a way to go,”Guy said.

The pair have budgeted $95,000 to fund their trip to the United Kingdom and have $13,000 yet to raise to make their dream attainable.


published: February 23rd 2016 on anygivenreason.com
Words and local photos by Andrew Coles.

AGR_GTEverybody has a dream of some kind, but for the most part these dreams usually go largely unexplored. It’s rare to find someone, let alone two people, with the drive and determination to pursue their dreams at all cost. But Guy Tyler and his co-driver Steve Fisher are not afraid to try their hardest to make their dream of being WRC stars a reality. Over the past few years of covering the South Australian Rally Championship, Any Given Reason has seen it all from Guy and his various attempts at battling through everything thrown at him. And he’s never given up, the reward of finally winning the South Australian Rally Championship being realised for him and co-driver Steve last year. And for 2016 the pair have secured the opportunity of a lifetime – a drive with a professional team in the British Junior Rally Championship, starting with the Mid Wales Stages Rally on March 5/6.

Amid the rushed preparations before their departure to England in a few days time, Any Given Reason sat down with Guy for a quick chat about the adventure so far.

AGR_Southern_Rally_15-90Having tried their hardest to make something happen in Australia, Guy and Steve were looking for their next move when they saw a Facebook post for the Vauxhall Young Driver search, the prize being a factory drive in the Adam R2 in the British Junior Rally Championship. “We thought heck yeah let’s go for it”, so instead of just filling out the application form they produced a detailed video to accompany the application, something no other driver did. He made it through the various cutoff stages and received an email on Christmas morning informing him that they’d made it to the final 6, and that the next stage would be a test of the Adam R2 in the UK. “They kind of knew we didn’t have the money but invited us anyway”.

The final 6 group test was held at the Curborough Sprint Course in Lichfield, just north of Birmingham. “We drove the Adam R2 at Curborough, which is like a bitumen Lanac Park. The Adam just revved so high, it was my first time driving a left-hand drive car and my first time using a sequential box. We got 6 laps, about ten minutes of driving, but it was enough time to get into the swing of things”.

The next part of the test consisted of meetings and interviews about previous rally history, situational tests for dealing with the media, and fitness. The Vauxhall factory team is run by the Major Motorsport rally preparation outfit, and the interviews were conducted by Simon Mauger himself. Guy and Steve made a great impression with both their in-car and out of car skills, but unfortunately at the end of it they just couldn’t raise the required sum to secure a deal and the prize was awarded to another crew.

AGR_Southern_Rally_15-21“We met again with Simon the following week, and he really wanted to get us a drive”. They negotiated a slightly different agreement, where for significantly less money Simon would purchase an M-Sport built Ford Fiesta R2 that he knew of and run the pair in the DMACK Junior Championship at five of the seven rounds of the British Rally Championship. The pair still had the task of raising a whopping AUD$95,000 to make the deal happen, though.

From the UK Guy put his Evo 5 rally car on the market and it was sold before he’d even touched down. He sold his ute and anything at home that wasn’t bolted down, and Steve sold his Evo 9 road car. They both took out personal loans and have managed to raise about $80,000, enough to secure the car and get them on the entry list for the first few rounds. Even though they’re soon leaving for the UK, they still need to raise another $15,000 to cover entry fees and travel costs for the second half of the season and they’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to help cover the gap. If you’ve got a few spare dollars, it would go a long way – find the link here.

ROSA_14-64“We’re not doing the two Irish rounds because they’re the most expensive, and anyway the championship is counted on your best five events only so we’re still in with a chance. It’s mostly about having fun, having an adventure, trying to get something happening for a career. We’ll try and make contacts and talk to as many potential sponsors as we can while we’re there, there’s a few interested. For first place in the DMACK Junior BRC there’s a significant monetary prize and the chance to win a full WRC season driving a Fiesta R5 in WRC2, so in theory if we were to win the championship and find a sponsor we could end up in the WRC. This isn’t just doing skids in the forest, this is proper stuff. What do we have to loose, it’s just money in the end”.

“This isn’t just for me, I’m giving it a shot for the entire club rally scene here at home. I hope I can be an inspiration, to show people to chase their dreams”.

AGR_Southern_Rally_15-50With every cent going on the rally campaign, it’s not going to be a usual beer fueled working holiday. As part of the deal, Guy will work for Major Motorsport cleaning, working on and preparing the cars as well as driving trucks and generally helping out. He’ll take other jobs where he can as well. His girlfriend Evangeline is moving too, she’ll continue her studies in tourism and event management externally whilst working for Major Motorsport, assisting in their social media and PR campaigns. As Steve is just over 30 he is ineligible for a work visa like Guy and Evangeline have, so he will keep his job in Adelaide and head across for each event.

“I finish up my job here in Adelaide this Friday, and on Saturday we leave for the UK. We test next Thursday, recce next Friday and the event starts on Saturday night with two night stages in the forest, followed by four on Sunday. The stages are a lot longer over there, 14 or 15 miles each. Other than that it’s basically like a big, expensive Robertstown. Although there’s 16 juniors entered for the first event, we’ve never had competition like that before”.

Any Given Reason will be following Guy and Steve’s adventure with a report after each event.

Follow the link through to Guy and Steve’s crowdfunding campaign here.

Words and local photos by Andrew Coles.


Adelaide Farm-Boy Flying High In The Driver’s Seat For British Glory!


Published February 17th on GlamAdelaide, written by Isabelle Donohoe

It’s not unusual for farm kids to get behind the wheel at an early age; the wide paddocks are the perfect place to take Dad’s ute for a spin. But not all kids have the talent to take it beyond the dirt road; dodging cars not cows. In a true South Aussie success story, Guy Tyler has done just that, and will soon be flying off to Wales to compete in the British Rally Championship of 2016.

Growing up on a dairy farm, working as a Valet for the Adelaide Casino, and now as a kitchen manufacturers’ delivery driver, Tyler has spent plenty of time in the driver’s seat. His racing achievements were highlighted in 2010, when he won the State Clubman Rally Series, the state class P2 Championship and was awarded the title of SA/NT CAMS Rising Star. He placed runner up in the Junior Challenge of the Australian Rally Championship in 2012, and just last year won the 2015 South Australian Rally Championship.

Tyler’s next venture arrives after he was shortlisted for a position in the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team in the British Rally Championship. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce the 50,000 pounds to cement his spot in the team. Fortunately, Major Motorsport were so impressed with his interview skills and ability to quickly adapt in the test drive car, that he was offered a position in the BRC, driving a Ford Fiesta R2.

The first round of the competition starts on March 5, and the BRC warns “this is no gentle bed into the new rallying season” what with the Saturday night fixture meaning two stages of driving in the dark. Parts of the track are so steep the drivers won’t feel how fast they’re really going, and in others the road is so wide the drivers will be tempted to “play around.”

The expensive industry forces sacrifices to be made, meaning Tyler’s victorious vehicle from the 2015 SA Championship had to be sold to fund the BRC campaign. Tyler’s family and friends have been his greatest support, with his grandfather’s sign writing business proving handy when it comes to stickers for Tyler’s rally cars. The service crew volunteer their efforts and often feature Tyler’s close friends and father.

So get behind this local lad who’s shooting up the racing ranks, by following his campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Guy Tyler’s website.

Guy Tyler beats hundreds to secure Junior British Rally Championships spot

on 891 ABC Adelaide by Brett Williamson

Published: February 18th 2016.

Mount Compass race driver Guy Tyler has secured the opportunity of a lifetime to race in the Junior British Rally Championships (JBRC) — and has sold his own rally car to help fund it.

The 25-year-old grew up on a local dairy farm but dreamt of swapping tractors for something much faster.

“Ever since I was young I knew what I wanted to do was become a racing car driver,” Tyler said.

“I just worked as much as I could to get the money to do what I wanted to do.”

Tyler was initially offered a position in the seven-round JBRC but was unable to raise the £50,000 fee.

“The Junior British Rally Championships has a cut-off age of 26, and I am 26 this year, so really this was my only opportunity.”

He jumped at a secondary offer to drive in a smaller, five-round series for £30,000.

The offer arrived on Christmas Day morning and Tyler, his partner Evangeline McAllan and his navigator Steve Fisher quickly scrambled to raise the money.

Guy Tyler sits in the remainder of his rally car.

One of the first decisions Tyler made was to sell his Evo 5 rally car.

“We won three of the five events we contested in it, so that was really hard letting it go,” he said.

A delivery driver by day, Tyler said he even had to sell his personal vehicle to help fund the trip.

Collectively, the three have so far raised more than $70,000 to cover the drive and associated living costs but estimate they still need about $13,000.

They have launched a crowdfunding campaign with the hope of attracting local sponsors.

JBRC opens doors to World Rally circuit

Tyler has been on a steady rise through the rally ranks in recent years.

He was selected for the CAMS Young Driver Development Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in 2012.

Last year he won the Southern Rally, Walky 100, Scouts SA Rally and was the overall South Australian rally champion.

The opportunity to race in the JBRC has come at the perfect time for him.

“I’ve been trying everything to try and get something happening here in Australia and it’s just not happening, so this is huge,” he said.

“Ultimately it looks like we are just paying a lot of money to drive a car over there, but I believe that anything could happen.”

Tyler hopes to finish in the top three of the JBRC and use the winnings to enter the World Junior Rally Championships.

“People have been picked up from that series to drive in World Rally cars and be paid for it, and that is my ultimate dream,” he said.

Team Tyler will leave Australia on February 27.

Guy Tyler and his partner Evangeline Mcallan look through his trophies.

Tyler’s rally fairytale comes true with Junior BRC drive

IMG_5243 reduced
on RallySport Mag, February 18th 2016.

2015 South Australian Rally Champion, Guy Tyler, has been given a prestigious opportunity to compete in the British Junior Rally Championship (BRC) in 2016.

The opportunity arose after the 25 year old applied for a driver position with the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team. Tyler was shortlisted for the position and attended an interview and test drive in England in January. Unfortunately, he was required to make a significant financial investment to join the team, and this wasn’t possible.

However, the team running the factory-backed Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team, Major Motorsport, were so impressed with Tyler’s interview and ability to quickly adapt to the car in the test drive that they offered him a position driving a Ford Fiesta R2 in the DMACK Junior BRC.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Tyler who started racing when he was on his Learner’s Permit at the Southern Districts Car Club in Mount Compass.

Tyler will be co-driven in the DMACK Junior BRC by his regular co-driver, Steve Fisher. The pair’s first event will be the season opener, the Mid Wales Stages, to be held on March 5 and 6. They will contest five out of the seven rounds of the Championship.

RallySport Magazine wishes Guy and Steve all the best for the season.