Adelaide Farm-Boy Flying High In The Driver’s Seat For British Glory!


Published February 17th on GlamAdelaide, written by Isabelle Donohoe

It’s not unusual for farm kids to get behind the wheel at an early age; the wide paddocks are the perfect place to take Dad’s ute for a spin. But not all kids have the talent to take it beyond the dirt road; dodging cars not cows. In a true South Aussie success story, Guy Tyler has done just that, and will soon be flying off to Wales to compete in the British Rally Championship of 2016.

Growing up on a dairy farm, working as a Valet for the Adelaide Casino, and now as a kitchen manufacturers’ delivery driver, Tyler has spent plenty of time in the driver’s seat. His racing achievements were highlighted in 2010, when he won the State Clubman Rally Series, the state class P2 Championship and was awarded the title of SA/NT CAMS Rising Star. He placed runner up in the Junior Challenge of the Australian Rally Championship in 2012, and just last year won the 2015 South Australian Rally Championship.

Tyler’s next venture arrives after he was shortlisted for a position in the Vauxhall Motorsport Junior Rally Team in the British Rally Championship. Unfortunately, he was unable to produce the 50,000 pounds to cement his spot in the team. Fortunately, Major Motorsport were so impressed with his interview skills and ability to quickly adapt in the test drive car, that he was offered a position in the BRC, driving a Ford Fiesta R2.

The first round of the competition starts on March 5, and the BRC warns “this is no gentle bed into the new rallying season” what with the Saturday night fixture meaning two stages of driving in the dark. Parts of the track are so steep the drivers won’t feel how fast they’re really going, and in others the road is so wide the drivers will be tempted to “play around.”

The expensive industry forces sacrifices to be made, meaning Tyler’s victorious vehicle from the 2015 SA Championship had to be sold to fund the BRC campaign. Tyler’s family and friends have been his greatest support, with his grandfather’s sign writing business proving handy when it comes to stickers for Tyler’s rally cars. The service crew volunteer their efforts and often feature Tyler’s close friends and father.

So get behind this local lad who’s shooting up the racing ranks, by following his campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Guy Tyler’s website.